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The very first Sindy dolls had a full wardrobe of clothes and accessories which mirrored the latest young fashions and designers of the day. The decade that launched Sindy was to see more revolution in fashion than any previous period before or since. For the first time clothes were aimed at teenagers as opposed to grown-ups and that is where Sindy excelled! Britain was then and remains now at the forefront of young international fashion, where Sindy is its obvious partner. In the decade that followed Sindy was to have many more fashions and accessories as well as a boyfriend whose name was Paul, a little sister called Patch and friends Vicki, Mitzi, Poppet and Betsy. Sindy also acquired a scooter, beautiful bedroom furniture, a bath, camping set, horse and even an ironing board, iron, clothes horse, washing line and pegs!

Desperately seeking Sindy – a guide to collecting the vintage doll

Sindy was designed in house by one of the employees in the UK she was based on the american Tammy doll. In the battle between Barbie and sindy it was sindy that seemed to always have the edge in the UK market she seemed to have an appeal to great british sensibilities where as that of vampish looks of Barbie,the sindy doll you loved to dress and play with.

In the early day these where designed by art school students and made from natural fabrics such s cotton, wool, silk the designs were classic to start the sixties with then the mod scene arrived and sindys outfits became very colourful and bright and mordern for the times.

Sindy case with 2 dolls, clothes and accessories from the 70s and 80s, from childhood collection, sold as is, with play signs and small flaws, not for picky collectors.

She has soft vinyl arms that you are able to bend, but they will not hold a pose, and hard hollow legs and torso. Three hair colours were available, blonde, auburn chestnut and brunette. This is her only marking her torso is not marked. She now has heavy vinyl legs with a wire inside them so she is now able to pose and soft vinyl poseable arms with a wire inside. She has a smaller head than the normal Hong Kong doll shown above and this head tends to wobble about a little but she has very beautiful hair that looks like a bubble with a fringe.

The head is not marked. She has smaller very hard arms and legs, than the doll pictured above. Sindy shoes are to big for her and fall from her little feet. Hair colours available are blonde, auburn and brunette. This doll pictured here is referred to as the Marilyn Sindy by collectors because of her platinum blonde hair and bright red lips.

Sindy and Me

It would be almost impossible to estimate the number of Pedigree Sindy doll collectors throughout the UK, not to mention how many others are scattered around the world. There are several books, numerous dealers and a substantial Sindy presence on the internet through information, sales and auction sites — so why does our 47 year-old Pedigree Sindy remain so very popular today?

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Looking back — Sindy was my favourite toy. With her demure sideways glance and chubby cheeks, Sindy was the epitome of swinging Sixties Carnaby Road style but — forget free love and drugs — our Sindy was a good girl at heart. Before , dolls were babies or little children to be cuddled and nurtured. And what clothes. I can still recall the painful desperation of trying to get my mum up to the toy department in Woolworths to look at clothes.

A s air hostess Sindy; sold on eBay by Victoria Rose. Given enough outfits and imagination, my Sindy could live a thousand different lives. Sindy allowed little girls me to try on the adult world for size. I was going to be air hostess during the day remember the dinky BOAC bag? Sindy slumbers — not that my best girl needs any beauty sleep.

How to Tell If You Have a Vintage 1966 Barbie Doll

Call TDW at or for liquidation surplus and salvage new and used goods for less. From June through November, when the clear water is low, the abundant underwater plants that cover the riverbed show off their red, yellow, green, and blue hues. Shop for the latest Barbie doll clothes, dresses, outfits, shoes and more today! I eventually got a Ken doll and a Skipper doll, as you can see in the photo above, so then my collection was complete.

I was five, dressed in a timeless bejewelled-satin-homemade-princess-gown-and Teddy bears are among the most cuddled and beloved of childhood companions, but they are relatively new in the world of toys. Undoubtedly, many girls in the world, somewhere in life tried to look like them, most failed only few succeeded.

Desperately seeking Sindy – a guide to collecting the vintage doll In spite of his cool Lambretta doll sensible blazer.

I will just give a brief overview of how she came to be and her first few years. Pedigree Dolls and Toys introduced Sindy to the public in September The company had been making dolls for over twenty years and after seeing the success of Barbie they decided to produce a twelve inch fashion doll of their own. In fact, and I only read this for the first time today, Mattel offered Pedigree a licence to produce Barbie.

However, the Pedigree company had done market research which suggested that Barbie was not popular with British buyers. I am not sure how widely available Barbie was in Britain at that time, certainly I never saw one although Tressy and Tammy were both available there. Pedigree decided that they would base their doll on Tammy who was made by the Ideal Toy Company. When Sindy was released she had a wardrobe of clothes that any little girl would want. I know I did! I still have my Sindy Set booklet from with marks next to all the outfits I really wanted.

Sindy: The doll you love to collect

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The very first Sindy doll was Made in England from up until by Pedigree. She is 29cms (/2″) tall and she has a soft vinyl head with rooted hair.

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About Sindy

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Dating vintage sindy dolls. Wanted — we pay good.

Sindy was designed in house by one of the employees in the UK she was based on the american Tammy doll. In the battle between Barbie and sindy it was.

The facial type introduced in was used until , although some slight differences in manufacturing eg. However, the only consistent facial change over the years lay in the color of Sindy’s face paint. In addition, the very popular ‘Active’ body type was redesigned several times, primarily to fix design flaws which tended to result in broken dolls the ‘Basic’ body type is not discussed. These differences in face paint and body type can be used to date Active body dolls from this era.

Dolls from the late 70s and early 80s tended to have paler face paint, and paler lips in particular, than the mids and mids dolls. The mids dolls tended to have a wider apple-cheeked face. The heads were made from a very hard plastic, whereas the later heads were much softer and more malleable. Many dolls may be found with melt marks, typically at the shoulders and hips. These marks are caused by a chemical reaction between Sindy’s hard plastic torso and her soft vinyl arms and legs.

Acetone slowly leaches from the vinyl and melts the hard plastic. If vinyl and hard plastic are left in contact for a long time typically years melted areas will develop where the two materials touch.

1983 sindy

Did you have this Pop Singer Sindy? Which Sindy Bride was your favourite? Did anyone have Fair Sindy from ? In these very challenging times, at Vintage Sindy we would like to wish everyone a peaceful St. We hope you have enjoyed these previews over the last week. We have been so pleased to get all your positive messages and comments.

To collect Sindy as an adult today, those lovely dolls, their gorgeous outfits do collectors know how to identify Sindy dolls and her original outfits? More importantly, the vintage doll collector, albeit Sindy or any other type.

A rival to Barbie , Sindy’s wholesome look and range of fashions and accessories made her the best-selling toy in the United Kingdom in and After Marx Toys ‘ unsuccessful attempt to introduce Sindy in the United States in the late s, Hasbro bought the rights to Sindy and remodelled the doll to look more American. As a result, the doll’s popularity declined and Barbie manufacturer Mattel filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement , which was settled when Hasbro agreed to remodel Sindy’s face.

During the s, Barbie’s share of the doll market continued to grow while Sindy’s diminished, which led to Sindy being delisted from major retailers in Hasbro returned the doll’s licence to Pedigree, and the doll was relaunched in , manufactured by Vivid Imaginations. Sindy’s 40th anniversary in saw a new manufacturer, New Moons , and another relaunch and redesign.

Instead Pedigree manufactured its own doll based on another American doll, Tammy. With permission from Tammy’s manufacturer, the Ideal Toy Company , Pedigree also borrowed Tammy’s slogan , “The doll you love to dress”. The Sindy doll was launched in September , [4] [5] and London retailers were sent a promotional 45rpm gramophone record to introduce the doll, which included Pedigree’s marketing text below.

Sindy is the free, swinging girl that every little girl longs to be. Sindy has sports clothes, glamour clothes, everyday clothes — a dog, skates, a gramophone — everything

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Vintage Sindy doll review and Barbie comparison